How to Clean Couch Cushions: 10 Easy Steps for a Fresh Living Room

How to Clean Couch Cushions step by step guide for all type of couch cushions. Although couch cushions are a comfortable place to unwind, they may also collect dust, debris, and stains. Frequent cleaning prolongs the life of your furniture and keeps your living area fresh. We’ll walk you through the process of cleaning your couch cushions in this tutorial, so they always look and feel their best.

How to Clean Couch Cushions step by step

Getting Ready

Assemble the required materials before you start. A hoover attachment designed for upholstery, a bucket, spray bottle, white vinegar, light detergent, microfiber cloths and a soft-bristled brush are required.


Begin by cleaning the cushions of any loose dirt or debris. Vacuum the cushions’ surface and nooks and crannies using your vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment.

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Spot Cleaning

After that, take care of any spills or stains on the cushions. In a spray bottle, combine a small amount of water and mild detergent. After lightly blotting the soiled area with a clean, moist towel, spray the solution over the area. Add a small amount of white vinegar to the solution for stubborn stains.

Thorough Cleaning

If at all feasible, take off the cushion coverings and launder the cushions in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions to give them a thorough cleaning. Spot clean the cushions with a soft-bristled brush and the same mild detergent solution if the covers are not removable. Refrain from over-wetting the cushions.


Before rearranging the cushions on the couch, let them air dry completely after cleaning. The cloth may get damaged by intense heat, therefore avoid using a dryer.


After drying, fluff the cushions to give them back their original form. To uniformly redistribute the contents, squeeze and knead the cushions gently.

Upkeep Advice

Vacuum your couch cushions frequently, and take quick care of spills and stains to keep them fresh and clean. To avoid stains in the future, think about applying a fabric protector.

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Extra Advice on Care

Avoid sitting on your couch cushions while carrying sharp things in your pockets, and turn your couch cushions frequently to guarantee even wear.

how to clean couch cushions without washing machine

With a few easy procedures, cleaning couch cushions without a washing machine may be done efficiently. How to do it is as follows:

  1. Vacuum: To start, start with the cushions to get rid of any loose dust, debris and filth. For best results, use the upholstery attachment.
  2. Spot Clean Stains: Fill a spray bottle with a little amount of water and mild detergent. After lightly blotting the soiled area with a clean cloth, spray the solution over the area. Continue until the stain disappears.
  3. Apply Baking Soda: Dust the cushion’s whole surface with baking soda. Give it a few hours to absorb moisture and smells. Take a hoover to the baking soda.
  4. Brush the Fabric: Scrub the fabric gently with a soft-bristled brush, paying particular attention to any stains or areas where dirt has accumulated. This will assist in removing dirt and reviving the cloth.
  5. Freshen with Vinegar: use equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the cushions sparingly, then allow them to air dry. Odours can be neutralised by using vinegar.
  6. Sunlight: If at all feasible, spend a few hours with the cushions facing directly into the sun. Sunlight can help disinfect the cushions and eradicate bacteria.
  7. Apply a Fabric Freshener: To give the cushions a nice smell, spray them with a fabric freshener.
  8. Flip and Rotate: To guarantee even wear and keep your cushions from getting permanent dents, flip and rotate them frequently.

You may successfully clean your couch cushions without using a washing machine by following these instructions.

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how to clean couch cushions that cannot be removed

  1. Vacuum: To start, carefully vacuum the cushions to get rid of any loose dust, debris, and filth. For increased effectiveness, use the upholstery attachment.
  2. Spot Clean Stains: Fill a spray bottle halfway with water and a tiny bit of mild detergent. After applying the solution to the soiled areas, use a fresh towel to gently blot. Continue until the stain comes off.
  3. Use Baking Soda: Coat the cushions completely with baking soda. Allow it to absorb moisture and smells for a few hours. Clear the baking soda with a hoover.
  4. Brush the Fabric: Gently scrub the fabric, paying particular attention to any stains or areas where dirt has accumulated, with a soft-bristled brush. This will assist in cleaning the cloth and removing dirt.
  5. Use vinegar to freshen: Pour equal amounts of white vinegar and water into a spray bottle. After giving the cushions a quick spray, let them air dry. Odour neutralisation is aided by vinegar.
  6. Apply a Fabric Freshener: To infuse the cushions with a pleasing aroma, mist them with a fabric freshener.
  7. Steam Cleaning: You may use your steam cleaner to clean the cushions if you have one. If you want the best results, follow the manufacturer’s directions.
  8. Dry Completely: Before reusing the cushions after washing, let them air dry entirely. Don’t use a dryer on cloth since the excessive heat might ruin it.
  9. These instructions will help you maintain the appearance and scent of your sofa cushions while cleaning those that are permanently attached.


How often should the cushions on my couch be cleaned?

Depending on usage, cleaning your sofa cushions should be done every six to twelve months. In between thorough cleanings, spot cleaning and frequent vacuuming can help keep them clean.

How can I get pet hair off the cushions of my couch?

Pet hair may be removed from sofa cushions by using a lint roller or a vacuum with a brush attachment. The cushions may also be cleaned with a moist cloth.

How can I get smells out of the cushions on my couch?

Odours can be absorbed by scattering baking soda over the cushions and allowing it to sit for a few hours before vacuuming it off. To revive the cushions, you may also mist them with a solution of white vinegar and water.

Is it okay to clean my couch cushions with a carpet cleaner?

Couch cushions shouldn’t be cleaned using carpet cleaners since they are made for carpets and can be too abrasive for upholstery fabric. Follow the mild washing techniques suggested for upholstery.

After washing, how should I dry the cushions on my couch?

Couch cushions should ideally be air dried in a well-ventilated space. The cloth may get damaged by intense heat, therefore avoid using a dryer. To eliminate smells and expedite the drying process, place them in direct sunshine.

Can my couch cushions be steam cleaned?

If the fabric on your couch permits it, you can definitely steam clean it. To be sure your steam cleaner doesn’t harm the fabric, try a tiny, discrete area first, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


now you know How to Clean Couch Cushions at Esey way in few steps like pro. keeping your living area fresh and clean requires routinely washing the cushions on your sofa. There are several efficient ways to maintain the cleanliness of your pillows, regardless of whether they are detachable or not. Odours, stains, and grime may be eliminated with routine vacuuming, spot cleaning, and the use of mild cleaning solutions.

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Their lifespan can also be extended by adopting preventive measures like rotating cushions and applying fabric protectors. You can make sure that your sofa cushions remain fresh, clean, and welcoming for many years to come by implementing these cleaning strategies into your regular cleaning schedule.

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